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Join the thousands of families protected by Wellness Monitoring Solutions

Wellness Monitoring Solutions is a medical and emergency alert device designed to protect seniors and family members in the event of an unforeseen emergency. This ensures that when a loved one needs help, they will get it.

By simply pressing the large alert button, located on the alert bracelet, neck medallion or remote control, you will be connected with an emergency representative who will have the proper authorities dispatched immediately.

Protect your family during...
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Fire
  • Home Invasion
  • Life Threatening Emergencies
Wellness Monitoring Solutions, Protecting Families Nationwide

Since their introduction in the 1980ís, emergency alert devices have helped millions of families live safer and more secure lives. Whether itís a medical emergency, fire, home invasion, or other life threatening emergency, alert devices like Wellness Monitoring Solutions have proven that they are an effective method to protect loved ones.

Help When You Need It Most

Help is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year with Wellness Monitoring Solutions. Above all else, our system will give all members of the family peace of mind when a loved one is alone.

Regain Your Independence With Wellness Monitoring Solutions

Wellness Monitoring Solutions helps seniors regain their independence. A retirement home may not always be the best option for seniors with physical limitations. With our monitoring system, it's easier than ever before for seniors to live safely and securely, without being placed in a retirement home.

About Us

Wellness Monitoring Solutions helps seniors and families members gain peace of mind, knowing that when they need help, they will get it. We take pride in helping create safer more secure lives for seniors, and provide their families with peace of mind. We want to help save lives as well as improve individuals quality of life. We believe that our monitoring system has the ability to change someones life for the better and we are honored to be a part of that process.

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With the Wellness Monitoring system, getting help fast in the event of an emergency is as simple as pushing a button. In the case of injury, fire or home invasion, help can arrive in a matter of minutes, helping family members live safer. Please contact us today for more information.

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I have health problems that worry my family when I am alone. Wellness Monitoring Solutions helped me more than they could ever know when I had a fall and could not move. The operator stayed on the phone with me until help arrived. She was very nice and helped me get through it.

Steve Waller, Fort Worth, TX

I have yet to use my alert pendent yet, which is a good thing, but I wanted to compliment the team at Wellness Monitoring for the friendly service when it was set up and activated. They walked me through it and everything. If I do have an emergency I know iím in good hands.

Karen Lester, Jackson, MS
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